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Po, Bronda, Infernotto Valleys

These are the most northern valleys of the Province of Cuneo, originated by the Po River and its first tributaries. The main valley has its origin from the Monviso Mount (3.841 m.a.s.l.) and from the high rocky bastion it goes down steep towards the bottom of the mountains.
The low part of the valley, where near Revello starts the “Pianura Padana”, has got a slight slope along the Bracco mount, a massif that divides up the Po valley and Infernotto torrent.
The short valley born from the Bronda torrent has a typical alpine morphology, it touches the Saluzzo’s hills and then it flows in the “Pianura Padana”. The northern part of the “Comunità Montana” presents an idro-orographic system quiet complex at the boundaries with the Pellice Valley. The torrents that go down towards Barge and Bagnolo Piemonte built-up areas give life to very short but severe valleys like the one of the Infernotto that goes up to Barge. Its highest mountain is the “Picco di Ostanetta”.
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