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 A very old cooking, it has got many French influences even if it is very simple but very peculiar combining traditional aroma and tastes.
The Raviolas are potato and cheese gnocchi seasoned with melted butter. It is a delicious unique course of the high valley: Kcal 2340!!! Then there are the Crusetin, prepared with rye flour, Melle bread, Venasca, chestnut’s cakes, honey, salami and ham, cheeses and fresh Toma.
These are products that can be bought in the shops of the valley or tasted in the restaurants.
Agriculture was the first activity of the Varaita Valley and nowadays it presents some news.
In the municipalities of Verzuolo, Costigliole e Piasco, but mainly up to Brossasco the intensive fruit farming dominates.

The chestnut market of Venasca is one of the most important of Italy; here Bracalla chestnut are commercialized. This is the finest chestnut variety of the area.
We should not forget to mention the Quagliano of Costigliole di Saluzzo, a dessert red wine d.o.c. very good.
In the area that goes from the municipalities of Melle and Frassino they produce the famous and fine Tomin dal Mel, a particular soft cheese.
A very curious detail is the particular herbs cultivation in Bellino, Casteldelfino,  Frassino e Melle. Here there are farms that work mainly in the biological sector.


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