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Summer sports


The Maira Valley is uncontaminated and wild so it has got its strong point in sports in contact with nature such as hiking, rock climbing etc. The old transport links from one village to the other still exist nowadays and offers several possibilities of walks for any kind of tourist. It is remarkable the idea of the “Percorsi Occitani” that go across the entire Valley.


There are Valleys that have in its morphology a particular characteristic. The Maira Valley has the fortune that it can be chosen for its natural, historical and cultural point of view. It’s the union of these aspects, together with this thick and old road network that allows this Valley to be very suitable for MTB.
You can start from Villar San Costanzo, Roccabruna and go inside the thick roads tangle that connect the villages and that pass through the forests to discover the beauty of the nature and what the man has been able to create with the passing of time. With your bike you can reach peaks very high like the Colletta in the Traversiera valley (2830 m.) or the Colle della Gardetta (2437).
The possibilities to cycle in this beautiful spot of the Cottian Alps are unlimited, because every year there is some new opening: a clean route, a mule path renovated.
The last renovation has been the Gran Tour Valle Maira by mtb and its own descriptive flyers.



Sport fishing can be done in these municipalities:

Acceglio (fishing, easy way fishing), Prazzo (fishing, easy way fishing), Stroppo (fishing), Macra (fishing), Cartignano (FIPS fishing area), San Damiano (reserve). Tel. 0171 917080


Maira river, Rii Moschieres e Piossasco: Municipal Reserve managed by the “Società Pescasportiva Val Maira”.

Modality for access 

You can go fishing in the reserves after having bought annual quote permission or a daily ticket or after an invitation, according to the several types of management. Fishing permission is compulsory in any case.



Canoeing routes are available from Frere to Ponte Marmora, from Ponte Marmora to San Damiano and from San Damiano to Monastero.

Routes suggested for canoe lovers:

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